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The Dream Lab

This Lab consists of 5 total 1.5-hour sessions. In addition, each student will receive a 20 minute private session with Ben to go through the interpretation of a personal dream or any questions. The lab is limited to a small group of participants to maximize the learning experience. Each student will submit one dream to be interpreted and in each class there will be team time with Ben’s oversight on interpreting those dreams.

$444 Pioneer Price

(Pay later option with Sezzle)

About this Lab

A true dreamer, Ben Armstrong has immersed himself in a lifelong pursuit of deciphering the multifaceted ways God communicates with His children, and has become adept at interpreting His voice. Ben has cultivated the language of dreams within his own life and in his family, which has resulted in a legacy of dreaming. This lab is designed so that you would have practice and repetition on interpretation with Ben consulting you along the way.

Ben has taught and trained thousands in classes, churches around the world, and hosts an annual school at Bethel on dreams and the gift of interpretation. He values inspiring and leading people in knowing and recognizing the heart and languages of God.

After much demand, we have created a five-day Dream Lab in collaboration with Ben Armstrong as the instructor where you will be taught on different types of dreams and lenses we interpret with, dreams as a language of God, and grow in the gift of interpretation.  Each student will submit one dream to be interpreted and in each class there will be team time with Ben’s oversight on how to interpret those dreams. The purpose of The Dream Lab is to stretch you in hearing and interpreting the voice of God in your life and helping others in this as well. Ultimately, the primary intention of this lab is that we may know Him, His nature, and His Voice more. 

Signing up for a lab is similar to signing up for an online school. but what makes a lab different is that you will be working with each other and you will be participating.

  • We will be interpreting dreams submitted by class members. 

  • We will be activated in breakout groups and as a collective group.

  • Live feedback from the instructor will be given throughout the class. 

God has revealed wisdom in dreams throughout time. He is still releasing wisdom, innovation, revelation, and so much more in dreams. Dreams are not second-class encounters, rather they are such powerful encounters and  a primary way God speaks to believers. We believe God has so much in store for you in the night season! We look forward to digging deeper into the language of dreams together!

Requirements for this Lab:

  • For the benefit of your fellow participants, you must agree to have your camera on during the lab sessions.

  • Submit one dream


Five 1.5-hour sessions once a week for five weeks
Wednesdays 3pm - 4:30pm PT | July 19 - August 16 

Session 1

Dreams and Lenses
You will be taught on the types of dreams and lenses of interpretation. You will start practicing dream interpretation as a group with live feedback.

Session 2

Cycles of Rest
You will learn about ways to steward and value your rest to best set you up for success in dreaming at night. Then you will interpret someone’s dream in your group through collective interpretation and feedback.

Session 3

Biblical Dreams and Metaphoric Thinking
You will learn about different dreams in the Bible and the symbolism within them. You will learn to recognize tools and tricks on interpreting metaphors from those dreams and thinking in those terms today. Dreams will be interpreted in groups and processed collectively.

Session 4

You will have a teaching on Interpretation and the Gift of Languages. Then, you will bring interpretation into breakout groups in order to interpret a group member's dream. Live feedback and commentary will be given.

Session 5

Dream Insights 
Ben will share on recent dreams he has had and teach from his interpretations. The group will do final interpretations with live feedback.
(Pay later option with Sezzle)
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