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The Stewardship Series

You will learn how to extract deeper and more complete meanings from the prophetic words you have received so that you can deploy them to bring about your prophetic destiny. During this online lab, you will create your own prophetic report. This is our January edition taking place on January 30th.


About this Lab

The goal of The Stewardship Series is to discover and examine what God has said to us, is currently speaking, and what He is declaring over our futures. (1 Corinthians 14:29)

At this Lab, we will teach you a method on how to steward the prophetic words you have been given so that you can recall them when you need them most. (1 Timothy 1:18)

By the end of the Lab, you will have a clearer blueprint of what God has been saying to you. As you learn how to analyze and interpret your prophetic words, you will learn to ask the Lord more questions when you prophesy, which will make the words you give sharper and stronger.


The Prophetic Lab is a hands-on experience and a laptop or tablet with a keyboard will be required to fully participate. To make the most of it, you will need:   

  1. At least 4 of your own prophetic words already transcribed (and in digital format). You may bring more, but a minimum of four will allow for full participation. (Click here for Transcription Resources.)

  2. A laptop or tablet with a keyboard

  3. A basic understanding of how to copy/paste text from one document into another

  4. A basic understanding of how to use Google Docs. (Our team will try to help with computer-related questions as needed)

Curriculum & Agenda

5-hour online lab with 1.5-hour break in the middle
Jan 30 from 9:30AM-12:30PM and 2:00-4:30PM PST

Session 1a

Identifying Your Key Words
Identify the key phrases and words concerning your identity, your gifts, and your skills

Session 1b

Foretelling & Actionable Intel Words
Learn to pick out the specific words and phrases God is speaking about your future and what he is calling you to do


Lunch & Rest
Take a break from Zoom and reflect on the first half of the Lab.

Session 2a

Pattern Tracking
Recognize patterns and themes in the words you have received and interpret their meanings for your life

Session 2b

Keepers & Seekers
Find great lines of encouragement to memorize & get introduced to seeking the mystery found in your own words
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