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The Prophetic Report Lab Intensive

Learn how to create a full-fledged prophetic report for yourself, a loved one, a business, or city with personalized coaching and feedback from the team that has created over 300 prophetic reports.


This Lab consists of 5 2-hour sessions. It is limited to a small group of participants to maximize the learning experience. 


(Pay later option with Sezzle)

About this Lab

The Prophetic Report was an idea divinely inspired by The Lab’s parent company, Aqua Regia. We have created more than 300 prophetic reports for people all over the world, and our process has proven to be a valuable tool in sharpening our listening and interpretation skills.


As a result, we have decided to create a five-day Prophetic Report Lab Intensive in which we’ll teach you how to create a prophetic report. You could choose to do a report for yourself, a loved one, or even a business or a city!


While the report is valuable, the purpose of this lab is to stretch you in hearing and interpreting the voice of God in your life. Our intention with everything we do—from prophetic reports to labs—is so that we may know Him better. 


Signing up for a lab is similar to signing up for an online school. but what makes a lab different is that you will be working with each other and you will be participating. 


  • We will be prophesying over others and ourselves through the written word.

  • We will be doing prompts and activations.

  • We will be interpreting words together.

  • You will be getting feedback and stretching activations on the words you write.


Because the Aqua Regia team utilizes professional editors and designers, Prophetic Reports cost $2,200 apiece. But at The Prophetic Report Lab Intensive, you can make your own report for a fraction of the cost. 


We hope you’ll enjoy learning how to use our process and then continue to have fun with it at home and replicate it with your small groups! Get excited about experimenting with what’s possible with the voice of God within the body of Christ. Every prophetic word or report is always an invitation to a deeper conversation!

Requirements for this Lab:

  • For the benefit of your fellow participants, you must agree to have your camera on during the lab sessions.

  • There will be homework. Other participants will depend on you to complete the homework on time.


Five two-hour sessions once a week for five weeks
Wednesdays 3pm - 5pm PT | June 21 - July 19 

Session 1

Prophecy Focus
You will prophesy over fellow participants and receive coaching and feedback on the delivery of your prophetic word.

Session 2

Prophecy & Identifying Identity & Asset Words
You will prophesy over more people and pick out phrases from the words you received related to your identity, assets, and scripture.

Session 3

Identifying Actionable Intel & Foretelling Words
You will identify keywords related to your identity, assets, what God is calling you to do, and what He is speaking about your future.

Session 4

Pattern Tracking Part 1
You'll review your received words and begin recognizing patterns and themes in the words you have received and interpret their meanings for your life

Session 5

Pattern Tracking Part II + Feedback Report
You'll write short descriptions of your patterns and themes to capture what God is speaking to you from them. You'll also get to hear how the prophetic words you gave resonated with the other participants.
(Pay later option with Sezzle)
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