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About this Lab

Prophetic Lab Methods 101 is a highly interactive, virtual experience designed for those interested in honing their ability to hear God's voice for themselves, others, and solutions. Through prophetic training, experiments, and team exercises participants will grow in confidence in their prophetic ability.


This Online Lab brings together the best exercises, experiments, and activations that we have tested and used to refine our own ability to hear God's voice over the last three years into a single experience. The Lab, as its name suggests, is not about passively listening to a teaching. During these 4 sessions, you'll spend most of your time trying and refining the principles and practices we discuss with support from our team.

Lindsey Reiman, founder and leader of The Prophetic Lab and parent company, Aqua Regia, will be the primary facilitator for the Lab. Lindsey has spent years under the mentorship of Bethel Church's prophetic director, Ben Armstrong, and has personally spearheaded the use of many of the practices taught during the Lab. You can hear more of Lindsey's story here.

This Lab is not designed for people just learning about the prophetic. Instead, it is best suited for those with experience in the prophetic who are looking for a way to go further on their journey with the Father.

Note: You must understand and be able to read English to participate.

If you have questions, email us at

Prophetic Lab Methods 101 | Southeast Edition


You will hone your ability to hear God's voice for yourselves, others, and solutions. This edition is time zone-friendly for our friends in Southeast Asia, but you're welcome to join from anywhere in the world.


Curriculum & Agenda

A 3-hour online session
Saturday, May 22 10AM Singapore/Malaysia Time
(In New York time: May 21, 10PM EST)

Part 1

Prophesying "Blind"
How to remove biases and distinguish between your thoughts and His voice using coded questions

Part 2

Giving "Complete" Prophetic Words
Understand the 6 types of prophetic words, your natural strength, and how to grow in the other 5 

Part 3

Identifying Details & Context
How to use prophetic investigation tools to make your prophecies more specific and accurate

Part 4

Overcoming Distorting Filters
Understand the unique ways your context, experiences, & culture influence your words and how to screen them out
To ensure the Lab is interactive, we will be capping attendance so join now to ensure you get a spot.
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