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Prophetic Report: Inside Look Webinar

This free webinar offers you an inside look at the prophetic reports our mother company, Aqua Regia, has created over the last several years for heads of states, CEOs, celebrities, senior pastors, and many more. We've produced over 100 of these reports and now we want to train you to create your own prophetic reports.

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About this Webinar

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The Prophetic Report is an innovative, highly stylized way to connect people to God-given intelligence. It encourages and affirms your unique identity and gifts. It confirms and sharpens call and purpose. It provides specific, verifiable recommendations on how to partner with what God is doing. It gives insight into what is likely to unfold in the future. 


It contains 3 sections, 10-15 extended prophetic messages from different prophetic reporters, and usually amounts to over 60 pages.

In this webinar, we want to tell you the fascinating, mysterious story of how the Prophetic Report came to be and then walk you through each of the sections. 

If the Prophetic Report grabs a hold of your spirit during this webinar, you can join our Prophetic Report Lab Intensive and create your own Prophetic Report.

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