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Activate your advanced prophetic gifting


About the Lab


The Prophetic Lab is an initiative of Aqua Regia, a spiritual intelligence company that unlocks practical solutions for clients through in-depth prophetic reports, briefings, and consultations. The Prophetic Lab is currently housed at Bethel Church in Redding, California.

The goal of the Prophetic Lab is to take what we are learning at Aqua Regia and equip others to hone their ability to hear God's voice for themselves, others, and to uncover solutions to real problems in their everyday life with the Father.


The Prophetic Lab currently supports others on their journey to hearing God's voice through prophetic training, experiments, and team exercises in 4 specific ways:


Online Prophetic Lab: A small group, highly interactive masters class focused on specific topics and prophetic skills. We have a few labs upcoming and are adding new labs every few weeks. Join one of those labs or join the waitlist to be first to know about future labs!

Prophetic Interpretation Sessions: Do you have prophetic words you feel weight on but need help processing or interpreting? Our team will analyze your words and then unpack them for you in an hour-long session. Learn more below.


Custom Prophetic Labs: We will work with you and your group to design a lab experience that helps take your group to another level. Talk with us about a custom lab.


Mini Experiments: We regularly share ways to activate your gifting on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram.


Prophetic Lab Briefings: We send briefings roughly every month, sharing what we're learning, how you can take the next steps in your journey, and some of what God is speaking to our Lab. Join our mailing list.


About the Lab

Online Labs

Our online prophetic labs are highly interactive, group experiences designed to activate you and stretch you in your prophetic gifting.

January 30

The Stewardship


You will learn how to extract deeper and more complete meanings from prophetic words you have received so that you can deploy them to bring about your prophetic destiny. In doing so, you'll create your own prophetic report.

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February 6

Prophesy Your


This lab is designed around hearing and seeing what God has to say to you about each month of 2021. You will create and receive a digital prophetic calendar, instruction on how to prophesy signs, and words from other participants for the months of 2021. 

Can't join an upcoming lab, but want to be first to know when the next ones launch?
Online Labs
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Do you have prophetic words you feel weight on but need help processing or interpreting?
We are now offering a new investigative/interpretative service! 
Submit 1-4 words you have received and one of our prophetic trackers will review them and then spend 1-hour unpacking what we sense God is saying about who you are, what He's calling you to, how He's equipped you, and ways you can partner with Him as He moves in your life.



We'll work with you to determine where your group is now in their prophetic gifting and where you want to grow. Then we'll pull from our repertoire of experiments, activations, and teachings to design a custom prophetic lab experience for your group. These can be conducted virtually.


The Prophetic Lab Briefings share cutting edge experiments and activations to take your prophetic gifting and intimacy with the Father to the next level. In the Briefings, we'll also share updates on what God is telling us in our Prophetic Lab.
We share Briefings every few months.
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